Building the Future of Mobile Web3

Do Web3 and React Native go together? Tune in to our discussion about the possibilities & challenges of building cross-platform mobile apps with blockchain.

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Thiago Brezinski
Thiago Brezinski

In this episode of The React Native Show Podcast, Jakub and Thiago take you on a journey through the exciting (although a bit complex) world of Web3 and its intersection with mobile app development. 

Topics covered

This 45-minute Coffee Talk episode covers the following topics:

  • journey to fiery Web3 enthusiasm: our hosts discuss what initially sparked their interest and how they became involved in the rapidly evolving Web3 space
  • favorite crypto projects: Jakub and Thiago dig deeper into their professional experience and Web3 projects that they hold dear
  • perks of Web3: from NFTs to DeFi and GameFi, we discuss all the things that make Web3 a very exciting and inspiring environment
  • drawbacks of Web3: we also acknowledge the downsides of the Web3 space, including parts of the community solely chasing monetary gains, scams, and the high barrier of entry
  • React Native and Web3: our hosts shed more light on how they leverage React Native expertise to build Web3 applications at Callstack
  • building Web3 apps: to finish off, Thiago walks you through the process and tools for building Web3 applications, such as ethers.js, web3.js, viem, and wagmi. 

We hope this episode will provide valuable insights into mobile Web3. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Reach out to us on social media or leave a comment on our website whenever you listen to this episode 💜

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