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Book your React and React Native consulting session with senior developers and Core Contributors!


Do you often feel like it would be great to ask somebody else about a potential solution? To be able to jump straight to the code with another developer, pair-program on it and figure out what’s wrong? Worry not, Callstack got you covered.

We offer paid consulting services in the field of React and React Native development. The consultations will be held by our experienced senior React and React Native developers.

What do the React and React Native consultations look like?

The consultations last for 60 minutes, take place online (by video-chat), and can be booked online by Calendly. The calendar invite will include a link to a video call that you can use in order to jump on a consultation.

The price - 349 EUR - includes 1-hour video-chat consulting plus preparations for your questions.

The consultation process is divided into 5 steps:

  • Step 1. Book a consultation.
  • Step 2. Describe your problem, send us reference materials (screenshots, videos, code snippets).
  • Step 3. Our senior developers perform deep research and prepare solutions for your inquiry.
  • Step 4. If we were able to find any solving, we meet with you on a 1-hour video-call and present our findings. If not, we return the money.
  • Step 5. After video-chat, we send you the meeting notes via email.

Who are our consultants?

We are Callstack - the official Facebook partners on React Native and have been working on React and React Native projects for over 5 years with a wide range of clients - from large enterprises to startups. Besides delivering high-quality solutions for our clients, we also work on the development of React Native ecosystem by our Open Source projects.

The consultant will be appointed at Callstack's discretion based on the expertise required to resolve the submitted issue.

Now let’s meet our consultants!

Mike Grabowski

picture of Mike Grabowski

Mike is the CTO and Co-founder of Callstack. He is also a React Native Core Contributor and the author of libraries like React Native Package Manager and Haul.

If you would like to find out more about Mike, check out his skillset, Github and Twitter.

Satyajit Sahoo

picture of Satyajit Sahoo

Satya is in the 2016 Facebook’s TOP 5 external contributors list. He is a React & React Native expert that will make your apps to stand above the others.


Mike Chudziak

picture of Michał Chudziak

Mike - Head of Technology in Callstack. Mike is always glad to help you manage the technical aspect of a project and lead your team to success. Experienced in the native mobile and Web app development. Always looking forward to exploring the new cross-platform technologies from React Native to Kotlin/Native. Big lover of GraphQL.


Michał Pierzchała

picture of Michał Pierzchała

Michał is a UI engineer passionate about building mobile and web experiences, high-quality JS tooling, and Open Source. Core Jest & React Native Community contributor. Space exploration enthusiast


Jakub Kłobus

Picture of Jakub Kłobus

Jakub Kłobus is a Software developer working at Callstack since the beginning. After mastering web, he moved to React Native where he focuses on making React Native Windows the next big thing.


Piotr Drapich

Picture of Piotr Drapich

Piotr is a senior software developer at Callstack. He has experience in working with both Javascript and native (like Kotlin and Swift) technologies. Always looking for the best solutions to improve the performance of an application. What’s more, Piotr also worked on react-native-core supporting multibuilding.


Paweł Trysła

Picture of Paweł Trysła

Paweł - Fullstack Developer, the tooling guy with extensive knowledge of Webpack and Babel. Huge fan of Electron, functional programming, and RxJS.


Book your consultation!

Booking your consultation is easy, all you need to do is to choose the date. Hope to talk to you soon!

Mike Grabowski
Co-founder & CTO of Callstack. Mike is a React Native core contributor and author of many libraries. When he isn't working, he is on a race track.
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