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The React Native Show - Podcast by Callstack!

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Let's talk about React Native!

After a few long weeks of preparations, we are very proud to announce the launch of our new project - a series of podcasts called The React Native Show!

In this series, we’ll be discussing the most intriguing and relevant aspects of React Native and its ecosystem with our special guests - experts, core contributors, owners of the Open Source projects, and many more. All podcast episodes will be available here:

and on our YouTube channel as well!

Episode 1 - Look into the future of React Native Testing Library with Michał Pierzchała

In the first episode of our podcast, Mike Grabowski @grabbou (the host) is talking about React Native Testing Library with his guest - Mike Pierzchała @thymikee who is the owner of the library.

cover photo of the first episode od The React Native Show podcast by Callstack - look into the future of react native testing library

During the conversation, they cover such topics as:

  • Introduction to the React Native Testing Library
    What is it? What is the case for it? A bit of history?
  • A quick glimpse at the “Testing Library” concept itself
    Why it has been created? What is this all about?
  • “React Native Testing Library” is under Callstack and separate from the ecosystem - what is the story behind that?
  • What kind of technical differences is between RNTL and the ecosystem? And why so many?
  • The current state of the library
  • What is the future of the React Native Testing Library?

We hope that you’ll enjoy these talks as much as we do. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channels!

The next episodes will come sooner than you expect! In the meantime, go ahead and discover services offered by our React Native development company.

Mike Grabowski
Co-founder & Supervisory Board Member
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